Are you the founder of a young tech start-up in the seed or early stage looking for an experienced partner as well as capital for your company?

Become a Startup Gladiator and receive EUR 350,000 and support for your start-up – in less than six weeks!

You can then develop your prototype, build up your team, and contend for customers and partners as a ‘gladiator’. Improve your marketing and sales structures, work on your traction and your initial KPIs, and accelerate your growth.


  • Your start-up needs to be younger than five years
  • You will receive EUR 350,000 for a 10% share in the nominal capital of your start-up
  • Of this, up to EUR 347,500 will be a silent partnership with a 6% fixed rate of interest + 5% p.a. (profit-linked)
  • No collateral/sureties are required on the part of the entrepreneur
  • Your company valuation rises to EUR 1 million in a subsequent round of financing
  • Your start-up arena is in Saxony-Anhalt (existing or new location)
  • Otherwise, the ‘customary’ VC terms apply, such as with regard to exits, vesting, tag-along/drag-along, liquidation preference, etc.
  • Receive up to EUR 10 million through further rounds of financing
  • bmp Ventures has had Startup Gladiators sparring for venture capital since 1997 (track record: 250+ investments, 110+ exits, 20+ IPOs, …)

Start-ups interested in the programme are welcome to send their pitch deck at any time to .