The company Seraplant GmbH at Südhafen Haldensleben, Lerchenfeld is the first industrial production plant to use innovative phosphorus recycling technology for the manufacture of single and complex phosphate fertilisers. Various types of phosphorus fertilisers can be produced from industrial phosphoric acid and the mineral acid, phosphate-bearing ashes such as sewage sludge ash, by applying the ‘mixing, reaction, spray granulation, fractionation’ process. No hazardous intermediate products or waste gases are generated, and it is completely waste-free! Seraplant products contain 92% less cadmium and 96.5% less uranium than traditional phosphate fertilisers. They have an extremely positive ecological impact and markedly relieve the burden on the environment. The Seraplant project is an innovative solution to the problem of processing phosphorus, and will make a major contribution to Germany’s food security.